The Palms Agency is a content production agency comprising of some of  Asia Pacific's best content creators, producers and production crew.

We specialise in creating visual content for the corporate event industry, with a profound love for event photography, videography and animation.

The Palms Agency was founded in 2015 by Mike Flynn in Australia, servicing Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane with photography, video and event content management solutions. When word of mouth spread, so did our client base and we expanded our operations to beautiful Indonesia. By 2016 we had brought on board a larger team of content creators to help our clients in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Bali and Jakarta tell their stories. Now in 2020 we are proud to offer our services across the entire APAC region.

Mike Flynn / Founder / Director/ Senior Photographer


Mike is a photographer, creative producer and storyteller with over 20 years of experience working on projects for the likes of George P. Johnson, Marriott International, Google and The Asian Games. He is a master at leading large teams, juggling multiple deadlines to deliver outstanding results. All driven by his passion for creating beautiful content and goose-bump inducing audience experiences.


Born in Sydney Australia, Mike has been fortunate to experience living in Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, India and Indonesia. Budding from an education grounded in visual arts, photography and music production, Mike began his corporate event career during the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney as an audio visual technician. Over 20 years Mike has worn many professional hats including production manager, technical director, creative producer, business owner and photographer.


Today Mike leverages his experience to navigate the expanding diversity of content projects. Whether Mike is fixing a client’s Powerpoint slide just 10 seconds before its live on screen or hanging from a helicopter over an active volcano to get "The Shot" or presenting a creative storyboard to executives for a 24,000 pixel wide video, Mike can be guaranteed to lead your project to success with his signature infectious enthusiasm and growth mindset.

Azhar Pangesti / Head of Animation & Motion Graphics

Azhar kicked off his professional career in content in 2000 and graduated at the top-of-his-class from LaSalle-SIA in Singapore (majoring in Video Art). Since then he has grown to be recognised as both a talented video director, editor and motion graphics animator; having worked in almost every line of video production.

Azhar’s imagination and ability to communicate unique visual concepts, has lead him to be known by his loyal clients as a wow-factor wizard.

While viewing the world as a creative engineer of ideas, Azhar has also been developing his “inner-geek” through many bespoke technology projects. One of his most notable achievements includes leading a team of engineers to design, build, and fly the first Indonesian stratospheric UAV platform (Menembus Langit); a drone that flew to record breaking elevation to the stratosphere and back again.

Irfan Fanani / Production Manager

Over his dynamic career, Irfan has developed a wide range of valuable skills, leading to how we describe him as the "Swiss-army knife of production". After completing communications at university, he worked in commercial video production in vibrant Malang, Indonesia on projects for clients such as the Military and large pharmaceutical companies. He also broadened his experience working as an event producer specialising in AV technology, live show content and onsite content management.


Today Irfan handles our project production and is a master of juggling a multitude of tight deadlines while leading large production teams onsite. We love him for his passion to detail, thinking ahead and his signature big smile!

Agus Wira Kusumaja / Senior Drone Pilot

Agus is our senior drone pilot and robotics equipment engineer. Obsessed about anything that soars, has a controller, or shoots video, this young aerial specialist is one of Indonesia's most talented precision pilots and also an award winning drone racing competitor. 

Agus's drone skills are so trusted he has been authorised to fly inside Bali International Airport air space to record construction of the airport expansion project. Clients know and love Agus as the wiz-kid with wings.


As our business has matured, we’ve reflected on the reasons we come to work. Which is why we’ve developed an ongoing CSR program to create bespoke community projects to help those less fortunate. We’ve called the program Walk with the Palms.


We now allocate a portion of our annual profits and time each year to community passion projects. This initiative provides us with a deeper purpose to our work, helps guide our values and connect us with likeminded clients. This core value aligns us as a team, knowing that all projects big and small help us help others.

We encourage our clients to become a part of this journey, positively affecting communities in need and our planet as a whole. We’re always looking for partners and collaborators for our next community project, so if you like to learn more or become involved, please Get in Touch!



We provide professional content production services for a wide range of brands and the event companies.  Striving to discover new and engaging ways to tell brands stories, to design audience inspiring conference graphics, animated videos, market destinations or widescreen event content to play on massive LED screens.



Our team members all around the Asia-Pacific region are leaders in their professions, driven to excite and create. . 


Sydney - Melbourne - Jakarta -  Bali - Singapore - Hong Kong

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